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African Mahogany

African mahogany is a valuable hardwood that is imported by Brazil for various purposes, such as furniture making, flooring, and boat building.

 African mahogany is a common name for several species of the genus Khaya Senegalensis, which belong to the family Meliaceae, the same family as true mahogany. It has an average volume of 6.500 m3 as it is approximately ages 30 years and has a 3m girth. It is native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, and has a reddish-brown color and a straight or interlocked grain.

When cutting Mahogany, plain slicing is the most common method when cutting a log; this method of cutting produces a cathedral pattern at the center of the leaf and a straight pattern at the sides. 

Brazil is one of the main importers of African mahogany in the world, especially for the furniture industry. According to the reports, Brazil imported 113,000 cubic meters of African mahogany in 2019, worth $64 million. The main sources of African mahogany for Brazil are Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Congo.

African Mahogany is the most imported tree species and wood product from Ghana to Turkey. In fact, the trade is projected to reach almost USD$1 billion by 2025.