White Meat

Brazil is one of the world's largest exporters of poultry. White meat, also known as chicken meat, occupies an important place in Brazil's agricultural sector. Brazil is able to produce large quantities of white meat, thanks to its large farmlands and fertile farmland. In addition, Brazil's favorable climatic conditions and competitive prices contribute to the increase in white meat exports.

Brazil's white meat exports have an intense relationship with Arab-Muslim countries. These countries show a great demand for Brazilian white meat to meet their halal food demands. This allows Brazil's white meat exports to grow and develop.

Brazil's white meat exports make an important contribution to the country's economy. Export revenues help the growth of the agricultural sector and increase employment. In addition, white meat exports increase Brazil's competitiveness in international trade.

Brazil is one of the world leaders in white meat exports. Thanks to the large farm areas in the agricultural sector, favorable climatic conditions and competitive prices, Brazil has great potential in the production and export of white meat. This makes a significant contribution to the country's economy and puts Brazil in a competitive position in international trade.