ICUMSA 45 - Refined Sugar

ICUMSA 45 is a type of refined sugar known for its high quality and widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is preferred for its taste, appearance and long shelf life. Icumsa 45 is a versatile and high quality refined sugar with various applications in different industries. ICUMSA stands for "International Association of Sugar Producers" and 45 indicates the whiteness of the sugar. ICUMSA 45, also known as white sugar, has the highest quality standard.

ICUMSA 45 is known for its white color and fine crystal structure. It also draws attention with its low moisture content and long shelf life. Consumers prefer Icumsa 45 because of its sweetness level and solubility. It is often used as a sweetener in the food industry, in beverages, confectionery, sauces and ice creams. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. ICUMSA 45 is an important sugar variety due to its trade volume and variety of uses around the world.

ICUMSA 45 is a high quality type of refined sugar and has a wide range of uses in many industries. In addition to being preferred as a sweetener, it also stands out with its features such as its degree of whiteness and long shelf life.